Modern Cloth Diapers Delivered To Your Door!

While everyone knows that reutilizing chemical-free cloth diapers are better for your baby and best for our earth's landfills, we appreciate that not everyone can commit to the mess. Jackson Plaza Diaper Service offers a convenient delivery service right to your door! We offer traditional pre-fold diapers in a variety of sizes that work with your modern, pin-less diaper covers.

Jackson Plaza Diaper Service is committed to making the use of cloth diapers easy and safe. Our wash process helps us ensure that every diaper is 100% sanitized and free of detergent residues. Unlike residential machines, our industrial machines allow us put our diapers and inserts through a multi-step wash, sanitize, and rinse cycle using the necessary water temperatures of 150 degrees. Regulating sanitary conditions and testing PH levels reassures that your baby's skin is protected against completely clean, 100% breathable cotton!

Personally Designed Packages 

In order to provide you with the lowest price possible, we will arrange a New Client Consultation to design a package that is right for you. Your baby's diaper needs decrease as they grow, and so will the cost. We are prepared to modify your service on a weekly basis to provide you the most economical service ever. For those of you who have already invested in your own supply of cloth diapers, we have created "Dump Your Dirties." This service allows you to bring in and have your diapers professionally cleaned.


It really is so easy! Rest easy knowing each of our service packages includes a personal tutorial that will demonstrate and answer any and all questions you may have about cloth diapering. 

Full Service 

When we say full-service, we mean it! Although our environment would appreciate if you dump the lumps into the toilet, there is no additional rinsing, or scrubbing required. 

 Other Products 

We have a list of resources! Please ask about our Lusa Organic products, cloth baby wipes, and swim diapers. Gift Cards are also available and make a great shower gift.

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